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Welcome to Intellicut.
Intellicut offers state of the art technology to shorten the lead time on your production while reducing cost. Our competitive advantage ensures repeat customer satisfaction in a fast paced global marketplace. The Materials/Production specialists and machining staff at Intellicut provide custom machine parts and material solutions for a wide range of industry applications. Our purchasing/inventory expertise in the manufacturing environment provides the foundation necessary to offer our customers economically effective ways in which parts can be manufactured without affecting design performance integrity.
What We focus on
Intellicut focuses strongly on production efficiency. The highest quality standards of operation are maintained throughout the manufacturing and finishing processes. We utilize the latest machining and computer technology to ensure that each part reflects the level of excellence . We have applied the Just In Time principle to all of our operations to ensure that quality standards, budget and completion schedules are consistently met. Our staff is ready to assist you with your next manufacturing requirement. We will be happy to provide you with a prompt quote.
Our Quality Policy
Intellicut is committed to providing products and services that satisfy the requirements of our customers, and to deliver them on time and without defects. Intellicut has maintained a 99 %quality rating for all our customers over the past year. We stress the importance of the total quality management approach and strive for continuous improvement.
Working Environment
Intellicut maintains safe, clean working environment. Our goal in sales, design, engineering, and manufacturing is to meet your objectives for the correct development, application, cost, quality, schedule, and delivery of your parts.
Engineering And Design
At INTELLICUT we provide extensive Engineering & Design Services. While we will not design your parts for you we will work with you during the design phase of your projects to find the best way to produce your parts. Our Design Engineers have extensive experience designing fixtures to improve manufacturability, for shipping, and for testing. They are also extremely qualified to help you improve your designs for ease of manufacturing and to help you reduce your costs.
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