Quality is our top priority.

Our QC Equipment Includes:

  • Brown and Sharpe 3D CMM
  • Mitutoyo PH 3500 Series Optical Comparator
  • 2 Tesa Hite 700 Digita Height Gages- 28″ Range, with integrated air cushion technology
  • Mitutoyo SJ 210 Series Profilometer
  • Full Range of Gage Pins & Gage Blocks
  • Thread Go/No-Go Gages
  • 0-12in Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometers, accurate to  .00005 in

Zero-Defects Policy

In our QC Department, each part receives its own set of gages and measuring instruments that the operator will utilize at the machine. Go/No Go gages for all threads and holes are selected.

Inspection at the Machine

In order to maximize quality and quickly identify and correct potential issues with parts, our operators are required to inspect parts at their machines. Utilizing assorted instruments and Go/No-Go gauges assigned by the QC Department ensures maximum quality.